RMD-doctors can always be contacted by telephone, fax and / or e-mail.
Photo documentation can be enclosed the last mentioned.

Telephone: +45 7545 6766
Fax: +45 7545 6750

To secure optimal patient-safety and high medical quality of the telecommunication, it is recommendable to complete and submit an authorised Radio Medical report to assure the necessary information needed for the doctor, to make a proper diagnosis as possible, and based on this, to start treatment. Medical examiner as well as doctor is obliged to keep patient-records.

For all conditions, where there is no need for urgent help, it is an advantage to use e-mail. Hereby the medical examiner and doctors have renewable documentation for the treatment.
The risk of queues on the phone will also be reduced significantly.

In case of sudden acute conditions (ABCDE-unstable patients, ex. trauma, severe chest-pain, impaired consciousness) you of course call RMD immediately.
RMD record can be forwarded afterwards.

In long-term, no acute conditions, you may seek for contact in the period 0700 - 2200 UTC.

If there are problems in obtaining contact directly to the doctor in charge, you can contact Sydvestjysk Sygehus' Information by telephone +45 7918 2000 for information of alternative telephone number to the doctor in charge.
If contact is not achieved this way either, please contact Lyngby Radio by telephone +45 6663 4830.

In an effort to optimize the quality of RMD function, we recommend our partners to report any contact-problems by e-mail: including information's as date and time for the contact-problem.

If one finds the treatment course inappropriate or in other ways have complaints of the RMD function, please inform RMD's chief physician.

Telefon: +45 75 45 67 66 | Telefax: +45 75 45 67 50 | E-mail: